Sugar Hill

December 21, 2010 Please note that tickets go on sale at 5:30PM and a reception with the filmmakers will take place at 6PM! So get there early for a much needed dose of cheap booze & even cheaper talk… The screening will take place between 7PM-8:15PM! Happy Holidays & we hope you’ll join us!!! This…

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Dear Dehli

December 21, 2010 Here’s another excerpt of the ‘Dear Delhi’ project — ‘Life as a bench!’… A short exploration of love and love-lost, unfolding magically in the city of delhi, and witnessed only by the solitary park bench! Produced by ‘The Yellow Brick Project’ Cinematography by Agneya Singh & Shiv Ahuja

Shot on Canon 7D

Wind in Our Hair

November 19, 2010 Congratulations to our dear friend NYC based experimental artist Lynne Sachs on the screening of her latest film ‘Wind in our Hair’ at the Anthology Film Archives. Please visit for more info!

Red Lamas

September 09, 2010 Watch Trailer for RED LAMAS: A short film exploring the west’s lack of concern for Tibet & the Tibetan struggle. The film takes the form of a poetic metaphor representing the USA, China & Tibet as three separate individuals.

Stan Brakhage

September 01, 2010 Agneya has just completed a direct-on-film paint animation collaboration with New Delhi based artists & bohemians Aban Raza and Rishabh Arora. ‘We literally laid out over 100 feet of 35mm film all over the floor and proceeded to spend the rest of the day intricately coating it with layers of paint’… Inspired…

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Pahar Ganj

August 01, 2010 Agniputra Films presents in collaboration with The Yellow Brick Project, PAHAR GANJ: A psychedelic take on the eclectic neighborhood…

A Roadmap Towards Peace

January 19, 2010 An excerpt from the documentary ‘A Roadmap Towards Peace’. Shot and edited by Agneya Singh.

The Truth Behind LSD

December 04, 2009 Agniputra Films presents THE TRUTH BEHIND LSD: A short film exploring the true nature of the cataclysmic drug. Shot on 16mm Film with direct on film animation.

Fruity O

July 23, 2009 Agniputra Films presents FRUITY ‘O’: An exploration of Fruit-Sex. Or the latent sexuality of fruits. Shot in Central Park, NYC.

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